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for joining us, i'm betty nguyen. we begin with an incident at rag an national airport just outside the national's capital. if you're an anxious flyer, well, this will not help. because early wednesday morning, two airliners trying to land at reagan were unable to contact anyone in the control tower. it's reported that the lone air traffic controller on duty was apparently asleep. susan mcginnis is in washington with the latest on this. good morning, susan. tell us what happened here. >> hi, good morning, betty. this is something aviation officials say they have never seen before. first, one pilot calls in to air traffic control at reagan airport here in washington, then a second one does, looking to land, and they're greeted with nothing but silence. it was an event that could have turned out a lot worse. transportation secretary ray lahood has ordered a national review of air traffic control staffing, following a scary incident at reagan national airport. two airliners, loaded with passengers, were trying to land early wednesday, when the control tower suddenly went silent. after ] >>> good morning. striking back. moammar gadhafi's air force bombs a key rebel position, as u.s. officials warn of the potential danger of a no-fly zone over libya. we'll go live to libya for the latest on the conflict. >>> targeting troops. new details emerge in the shooting deaths of two u.s. airmen in germany, as officials investigate the suspect's possible ties to terrorism. we'll take you to frankfurt where the suspect will appear in court today. >>> and helpless. in an emotional appearance on capitol hill, actor mickey rooney admits he's a victim of elder abuse. we're going to hear more from the 90-year-old hollywood legend about the issue that affects millions of americans, "early" this thursday morning, march millions of americans, "early" this thursday morning, march 3rd, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >>> and hi, everyone, welcome to "the early show" here on a thursday morning. i'm chris wragge. >> and i'm erica hill. good to have you with us today. we begin with the very latest from libya. this morning, leader moammar gadhafi's air force is bombing rebel forces there in the east
in the next 30 to 45 minutes. the rest of us will have to wait a couple hours. so again, severe thunderstorm watch west of town including the district until 11:00 p.m. severe thunderstorm warning in effect for garrett county until 5 p.m. we will keep you posted. back to you. >> thank you, topper. >>> she is a template for many of today's celebrities. elizabeth taylor. her talent, beauty and stormy personal life made her one of the last old fashioned movie stars. she died at age 79. >> she died of congestive heart failure this morning in los angeles where she had been in the hospital for six weeks. her four children were there at her side. >> taylor appeared in more than 50 films. won oscars for her performances in two movies. she was equally famous for her violate eyes and personal struggles including eight marriages and a series of physical ailments. she was a spokesperson for humanitarian causes most notably aids research. >> we have live team coverage tonight beginning on the hollywood walk of fame where a steady stream of people have been coming by to pay their final respects. >> reporte
hurted my child? >> reporter: in washington, kristin fisher, wusa 9 news. >> police tell us this is nowhere near being a cold case. so if you've got any information call the metropolitan police department's homicide branch. 202-645-9600. >>> well, they were some of the most vulnerable victims of world war ii and now the u.s. holocaust museum is trying to find out what happened to them. we will tell you how you can help find the children of the holocaust. that's coming up. >>> but first, another day of air assaults in libya but they have a new target this time. the latest on operation odyssey dawn is up next. >>> trying to control libya's skies. they are using the jets to attack moammar gadhafi's troops on the ground and so far it appears to be working. in the key eastern city his tanks are beginning to retreat after a week-long assault on the rebels but gadaffi still refuses to step down. >>> israel's prime minister says his country will react, quote, aggressively, reasonably and wisely, end quote, to today's terrorist attack in jerusalem. he issued the statement just hours
morning. this wednesday our nation will mark a sobering anniversary. one that reminds us how history can sometimes hang just by a thread. it happened 30 years ago only blocks from the white house. the actions of a few quick- thinking people made all the difference. bob schieffer will be telling us all about it in our sunday morning cover story. >> schieffer: the scene has been replayed countless times on our tvs, but what many of us have forgotten or maybe never really knew is what a close call it really was. >> mr. president. (gun fire). >> he had the most scripted presidency. this was its most unscripted day. >> schieffer: later on sunday morning, the day we almost lost a president. >> osgood: the business world is all abuzz these days over houlder shultz's piping hot ambitions. katie couric this morning will join him for a birthday celebration. >> we're 200,000 partners strong. >> only been up since 3:00. >> couric: he's got as much energy as the triple shot expresso. >> we discovered a piece of equipment.... >> reporter: starbucks ceo howard shultz has seen his company through thick
. >> reporter: ashley's mom began to fight for a lasting memorial. they're not required to use lights and sirens while running a light or stop sign. >> my goal was to help other families so they didn't have to go through what our family had to endure as a result of a preventable accident. >> reporter: the virginia legislature has just passed ashley's law. at red lights -- >> police are now required to use and activate their lights and sirens. yield to other cars. if they decide not to use their sirens, such as in a hostage situation, they must come to a complete stop. >> reporter: no more of this -- >> as a mother, and -- i wanted to do what i could to honor my daughter's life and help others. i feel ashley would be very proud that we persevered to the end. and that we accomplished in honor of her memory and her life helping and saving other people. >> reporter: ashley's law -- a mother's love, ashley's legacy. >> that was gary nurenberg reporting there. now the officer was acquitted on criminal charges. is no longer though with the fairfax county police department. the chief has increased train
, march 28th. i'm andrea roane. >>> i'm mike hydeck. thank you for joining us today. we begin with howard bernstein and today's forecast. the cherry blossoms look good. >> we were all downtown on saturday for the nationality marathon, it was a great event. the weather was fine. those will peak, and they will peak, but it will be chilly. if you're going to see them, bundle up and pick your days because not every day this week is going to be great. wednesday is not going to be a good day. friday will be questionable as well. here's a look today, today will not be bad at all, except on the cool side with temperatures, which will be struggling to get into the upper 40s. midday we'll have clouds passing south of town, upper 30s then. so you need to do anything outside, jacket weather and gloves and hats this morning. look at the storm system, we have a very active jet stream, no exception this week. quick moving system with snow on the northern end, which will slip into parts of southern virginia. parts of the carolinas with heavier rain, alabama, georgia and carolinas as well. lots of cold ai
says the rules need to be changed immediately. >>> targeting libya. u.s. and allied forces continue air strikes for the fifth straight night, but fail to stop moammar gadhafi from attacking a key rebel-held area. and in washington, the speaker of the house takes on president obama, as to why he didn't talk to congress before launching the attacks. >>> and remembering a legend. fans, friends, and some of hollywood's biggest stars honor elizabeth taylor's work both on-screen and off as the nation mourns the passing of the big-screen icon. we're going to look back at her life and her love, "early" this thursday morning, march 24th, life and her love, "early" this thursday morning, march 24th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "the early show" here on a thursday morning. i'm chris wragge. >> and i'm erica hill. boy do we have a talker of a story. >> is this a stunner or what? it tops our news this morning. we begin with the investigation of washington's reagan national airport, where air traffic controller apparently just fell asleep on the job early wedn
secretary robert gates says he can't predict how long the operation will last, he did say the u.s. could transfer control of it to allied by saturday. house speaker boehner wrote to president obama today to complain that the mission's goals are not clearly defined. more now from mark phillips in tripoli. >> reporter: day five of the bombing campaign over libya and the combined coalition air forces have declared something like victory. >> their air force no longer exists as a fighting force. so the point that we can operate over the air space with impunity. >> reporter: control of the skies has led to near control on the ground, as muammar qaddafi's forces have learned. and as the bombing has continued, the brave face of the regime is showing some worry lines. instead of rambling on for hours as he often does, muammar qaddafi's latest pep rally's speech lasted a brief three minutes. out in public is a risky place for him to be these days. and where the obedient cheering crowds once numbered in tens of thousands, now they are often down to a few hundred, sometimes to mere dozens. even the
, good morning to you. >> good morning, howie. so glad you could wake up with us. join us early on this tuesday morning. we're dealing with some moderate conditions out there. specifically. on the third street tunnel, let's take a look at new york avenue. you can see as we take a live look that traffic is being diverted near fourth street. that's because we have all southbound lanes of the third street tunnel still closed off due to an overnight accident. police out there investigating. we'll check on the big picture right now. zoom in on the outer loop here. north of the district. 95 over to 270, we'll take you there live. pretty much smooth sailing right now. no incidents or accidents to report at this time. back on out, a closer look at the brandywine area. take this near route 4. branch avenue, 301 green highway. drivers out this way are moving at speed. now for a check on your travel times. 66, hello, virginia. from the fairfax to the parkway, about 10 minutes. speaking of 267, approaching the beltway, only about a 7 minute commute. we'll have an update on the tunnel acci
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10